What Does it Take to be a Foster Parent?

Successful foster parents have a secure family life of their own, and the support of family and friends. They work well with staff at Portage County Health and Human Services for the benefit of the child. Foster parents can be single adults, married couples with children, or "empty nesters." They have personal and financial stability, an ability to work with and respect the child's natural family members, and the motivation to be a positive role model or mentor to children and youth.

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1. What is Foster Care?
2. What Does it Take to be a Foster Parent?
3. What If I Work?
4. How Does One Become a Foster Parent?
5. Who Pays for the Child's Medical and Other Expenses?
6. What Ages of Foster Children Need Care the Most?
7. Will I Have All the Information I need About a Foster Child Before They Come to My Home?