What happens when abuse/neglect is reported?

Upon receiving a report of abuse, material abuse, neglect, or self-neglect, an Adult Protective Services worker will conduct an investigation of the reported abuse. The initial goal of an investigation is to verify the safety of the person and to inform them of their rights under the state elder/adult-at-risk abuse/neglect laws. The scope of the investigation may include the following:

  1. A visit to the elder/adult-at-risk person's residence.
  2. Observation of the elder/adult-at-risk person.
  3. An interview with the elder/adult-at-risk person. To the extent possible, this interview shall be private.
  4. An interview with other individuals who are aware of the elder/adult-at-risk person and the situation. (The nature of an individual's relationship to the elder/adult-at-risk person is considered before contacting them.)
  5. A review of treatment and health care records.

Once the initial goal is met, the Adult Protective Services worker will work with the individual(s) to identify additional resources that may be of assistance.

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