How do I make a personnel complaint about an office member's conduct or improper job performance?

To ensure that the public has confidence in the Sheriff's Office and our employees, we have a process in place for adequate, fair, impartial, and expedient processing of all allegations of misconduct by Sheriff's Office employees. However, the complainant should be aware that by Wisconsin law (Wi Statute 946.66(2)), a false complaint or any untrue allegations may subject the complainant to criminal charges and/or civil recourse. In the event someone wishes to make a complaint, the first step is to contact the Sheriff's Office and request to speak with the employee's supervisor. If the name and/or position of the employee is unknown, request to speak with the on-duty Shift Commander. Contact may be made by phone, in writing, in person, or by email and can be made at:

Portage County Sheriff's Office
1500 Strongs Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481


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