Apply For A Committee

The Portage County Executive has appointment authority to fill citizen positions on the following boards, committees, and commissions:

  • Board of Adjustment
  • Commission on Aging/ Aging and Disability Resource Center Board
  • Health and Human Services Board
  • Housing Authority Board
  • Park Commission
  • Portage County Transportation Committee
  • Public Library Board
  • Solid Waste Management Board
  • Veterans Service Commission

You may apply online or print out and return the Committee Application (PDF) to the County Executive's Office.

Please note that some positions may have additional eligibility requirements. See Portage County Ordinance for position requirements for each committee.

Committee Application Form -- County Executive Appointment

  1. Personal Information
  2. Is this a reappointment?*
  3. Are you currently serving on other Boards, Commissions, or Committees?*
  4. Are you related to a Portage County Employee or County Board Supervisor?*

    A yes is not an automatic disqualification. Applicants must review the provisions of the Portage County Code of Ethics sec. 3.6 and the county’s anti-nepotism policy sec. of the Code to consider whether the applicant’s family or business relations could create any impermissible conflicts of interest. Questions regarding these polices can be directed to the county’s Ethics Counselor (Corporation Counsel).

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