About Tomorrow River State Trail

The Tomorrow River State Trail is a 28-mile trail developed along an abandoned railroad grade. It is located in Central Wisconsin starting in the Village of Plover in Portage County and ending in the Village of Manawa in Waupaca County.

The trail is surfaced with crushed limestone which is packed to a smooth surface. It is open to bicyclists, hikers, joggers, and horseback riders in the spring, summer, and fall and to snowmobilers, skiers, and dog sledding during the winter.

In Portage County the horse trail is a separate 12-mile trail alongside the limestone trail from Plover to Waupaca County. Follow the horse trail signs. Horses should never be on the limestone trail except in posted areas where the trail is shared. Contact Waupaca County for horse trail information in their County.

Dogs must be leashed at all times and ATVs are not allowed on the trail.

Trailheads are located off Twin Towers Dr in Plover, Custer Road, Amherst Junction, and Cate Park in Amherst. In Waupaca County, a trailhead exists along Highway 49 in Scandinavia. All Portage County trailheads accommodate horse trailers. Additional parking and public restrooms are available at Lake Emily Park.

Bicyclists and horseback riders 16 years or older are required to have either a State or County trail pass in order to use the trail. Trail passes are available along the trail at the trailhead self-registration stations or at the Portage County and Waupaca County Parks offices.

At this time the trail does not cross County Road KK so users must use local roads to connect to the two sections in Amherst Junction. This section is shown in the map above. An overpass bridge is being planned for future development.

The west segment of the trail begins in the Village of Plover where it also connects to the southern extension of the Stevens Point Area Green Circle State Trail. The two trails connect at Hoover Road.