About Us

The Justice Programs Department strives to promote collaborative decision-making among justice system entities (municipal, county, and state levels) with the aim of minimizing system disruption. Additionally, the department works to extract meaningful data from Courts, law enforcement, the jail, community corrections, and local service providers to be used by policymakers.

Justice Programs provide explanations of new trends, programs, and initiatives that may have the potential for lowering incarceration rates, curbing social problems related to criminality, and diverting offenders from traditional justice system sanctions. This often generates discussion of new rehabilitative and correctional practices, their outcomes, and financial implications.

The department supports the efforts of the Portage County Justice Coalition, the criminal justice coordinating council that was developed over a decade ago. This advisory body promotes discussion and mutual problem-solving within the local justice system-related issues. Additionally, this department supports the achievement of goals and mandates that seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our justice system as a whole.