Committed to Professional Courteous Service and Protection

The Portage County Sheriff's Office provides a high level of service and has a proud history of serving the people of Portage County since 1842.

The Sheriff's Office covers over 820 square miles and a population of over 70,000 people within its jurisdiction, which includes 17 towns and 11 incorporated municipalities. The agency operates both the County Jail and Juvenile Detention Facility, along with the County's 911/Dispatch Center, Emergency Management, and the County's Emergency Medical Services program. We work very closely with the City of Stevens Point and Village of Plover Police Departments, as well as state agencies such as the State Patrol, Department of Natural Resources, and University Police, We also enjoy a close and professional relationship with over two dozen fire and EMS agencies.

The Sheriff's Office consists of many professionals from a variety of backgrounds. There are 111 full-time employees; 48 sworn law enforcement officers, 34 corrections officers, 20 telecommunications professionals, and 9 administrative, support, emergency management, and emergency medical specialists.

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