Veterans Relief Program

What the Veterans Relief Program Is

The Veterans Relief Fund was established to provide emergency financial assistance to eligible applicants. Through comprehensive support services and community partnerships, Portage County provides grant assistance to military veterans and their dependents.

The policies and procedures contained herein are designed to limit organizational and personal conflict of interest and to provide, to the maximum extent possible, fair and equal treatment to all applicants requesting assistance through this program.

Veterans Relief Funds Purpose

Financial assistance is a short-term temporary or one-time payment to assist indigent/low-income veterans and their qualifying dependents based on need. The assistance granted by the Veterans Relief Fund (VRF) is not a pension, wage replacement, or automatic entitlement. Its purpose is to provide temporary assistance to those who are making a conscientious effort to find a permanent solution to their financial challenges.

Since the Veterans Relief Fund is allocated to provide a limited amount of financial assistance to qualifying applicants, care must be taken to ensure those funds/resources are spent wisely and directed to where they will provide the greatest assistance to as many people as possible.

The intent of the original and subsequent legislation regarding the Portage County Veterans Service Commission and its precedents and interpretations is to standardize policies and procedures. Veterans Service Organizations in this county have defined the use of the Veterans Relief Fund as an Emergency Assistance Program.

Authority for the Funds

Funding for the Veterans Relief Fund (VRF) is provided in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute § 45.86 (County tax for needy veterans). The budget for the Veterans Relief Fund is approved by the Portage County Board of Supervisors and funded from a percentage of the county tax levy. Donations from the public sector are accepted.

Veterans Service Commission

Authority for the Portage County Veterans Service Commission is derived from Wisconsin State Statute § 45.81 (1)-(6).

The mission of the Portage County Veterans Service Commission is to provide timely, compassionate, and high-quality services to low-income military veterans and their dependents during times of financial need. This is accomplished through the administration of the Veterans Relief Fund.

The priority of the Portage County Veterans Service Commission is assisting veterans and eligible applicants with emergent basic needs. Emergent needs are generally limited to basic needs to survive, such as housing, heat, medicine, and food. Needs secondary to those necessary for life are important but might not necessarily be addressed by the VRF.

How to Apply for Veterans Relief Funds

To apply for veterans relief funds you will need to download the Portage County VRF Application (PDF). Complete it and turn it in to the County Veterans Service Office along with a copy of your DD Form 214 and verification of county residency.