Natural Resources Programs

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Recreational Safety Education & Law Enforcement


The Portage County Sheriff's Office is responsible for conducting Department of Natural Resources Programs. Since the inception of mandatory training for youths to participate in ATV, Snowmobile, Boat, and Hunter Safety, the Sheriff's Office classes have usually been filled to a capacity of 40 students. The Sheriff's Office runs four Hunter Safety courses, one Snowmobile Safety course, and two ATV Safety courses. The Sheriff's Office has approximately 12 instructors that assist with these programs.

Find out more about these classes at Sheriff's Classes and Events.


The Sheriff's Office also runs Department of Natural Resources Patrols with boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles. The Portage County Sheriff's Office provides approximately 300 hours of Boat Patrol, 100 hours of ATV Patrol, and 400 hours of Snowmobile Patrol. All patrols are reimbursed through the State of Wisconsin at a rate of 60 to 100%. We currently have one large boat for patrol, personal watercraft for patrol, and one smaller boat for rescue. We also operate two snowmobiles and two ATVs.