Detective Bureau

The Sheriff's Office Detective Bureau is responsible for criminal investigations throughout Portage County.


The Detective Bureau consists of four detectives and one drug investigator, supervised by one detective sergeant. The Detective Bureau is charged with the investigation of crimes and other matters occurring within Portage County, particularly those investigations which require more time or resources. This includes burglaries, sexual assaults, child welfare investigations, arson, death investigations, and computer crimes. The Bureau also works in a joint effort with other local, state, or federal agencies and averages over 300 cases a year.

The Detective Bureau has two detectives specially trained in computer forensics to help assist in preserving and obtaining digital evidence from personal computers and cellular telephones. Over 100 forensic examinations and pieces of digital media are processed annually.

The Portage County Drug Investigator works cooperatively with drug investigators from the Stevens Point and Plover Police Departments. The Drug Investigator is also an active member of the Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force, which includes eight Central Wisconsin counties and fourteen law enforcement jurisdictions. Investigators deal with many drugs, such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and prescription pills.

  1. Meidl

    Jason Meidl

    Bureau Supervisor

  2. Blake Porter


  3. Kevin Flick


  4. Adam Printz


  5. Chris Stanton


  6. Drug Investigator