Work/School Release (Huber)

What is "Huber"

A person sentenced to a county jail for the crime, nonpayment of a fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court, or subject to a probation/parole confinement sanction may be granted the privilege of leaving the jail (on "Huber Law" privilegHuberes) during necessary and reasonable hours for any of the following purposes:

  1. Seeking employment or engaging in employment training.
  2. Working at employment.
  3. Performing community service work
  4. Conducting any self-employed occupation including housekeeping and attending to the needs of the person's family.
  5. Attending court proceedings
  6. Attendance at an educational institution.
  7. Medical treatment.
  8. Obtaining counseling or therapy
  9. Attending an approved assessment.
  10. Attending a parenting education program.
  11. Meeting with the person's probation, extended supervision, or parole officer.

Huber Account

A Huber inmate must keep a positive balance in his/her account. Failure to do so will result in loss of Huber status.

Courts Don't Order Work Release

Portage County Courts may order that an offender be considered for work release or "Huber" status, but the Portage County Sheriff makes the final decision on whether an inmate is appropriate for work/school release. Similarly, a Court from another county may order that work release be considered for a particular offender, but can't order Portage County to confine the offender or grant them work release.

Release for Child Care

As a general rule, "Huber" status is not granted for child care.

Self-Employed Workers

Those who claim to be "self-employed" must demonstrate their employment status by providing the previous year's income tax statement. If self-employment is verified and Huber status is granted, these inmates must routinely report the specific location of where they are working; what they are doing; and any change in location if going to a different site.

Drunk Driving Offenses - Ignition Interlock Device

Repeat drunk driving offenses require the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on the offender's vehicle. Inmates are not allowed out on Huber until this is installed. All inmates who operate a motor vehicle must have a driver's license and insurance.

For More Information

View more information in the Inmate Rules Handbook.