Payments of Bonds & Fines

It is sometimes legally allowable for an inmate to be released from jail by paying a bond or fine.

Make Unpaid Fine or Bond Payments During Business Hours

If relatives or frienBond Machinesds need to assist the inmate in making a bond or fine payment, they may make payment during business hours to the Clerk of Courts, which is located on the 2nd floor of Courthouse.

Make Bond Payments During Non-Business Hours

Payment made by made after hours using the automated payment system ("Stellar Teller") in the hallway outside the jail entrance. There are fees charged for using the Stellar Teller.

 Stellar Teller Fees:

  • CASH deposits charge a fee of $2.00
  • CREDIT CARD deposits charge a fee of 10% of the amount deposited. Only MASTER CARD or VISA are accepted.

Make Unpaid Fine Payments During Non-Business Hours

If the inmate is being held only due to an unpaid fine, you may be able to make payment online directly with the court system. For paying online, visit Pay Fees and Fines.

Bond Payments May Not Be Returned

Relatives or friends posting bonds for an inmate should know that bond payments - rather than being returned - may be used for court costs, fines, attorney fees, restitution, or other payments related to the court process. The courts determine whether bonds are returned or applied to other costs.

For more information view the Inmate Rules Handbook.