Juvenile Detention Center

About Us

The Portage County Juvenile Detention Center is one of 13 such facilities authorized to operate in the state of Wisconsin. The facility is designeJuvenile Detention Centerd to house juvenile offenders in secure custody from 10 years old to 16 years old (and 17-year-olds under certain circumstances.) We are the smallest Detention Center in Wisconsin with a rated capacity of 14 juveniles.

There are nine full-time detention officers and a superintendent that work in the Detention Center. We also have one full-time teacher and extensive programming that provides positive interactions, while addressing physical fitness, coping skills, and life-skill building. All corrections officers assigned to the adult jail are also cross-trained and certified as secure detention officers.


Immediate family may call the Detention Center to schedule a visit at 715-346-1263. Visitation is scheduled in half-hour blocks from 2 pm to 4:30 pm and 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Professional visits with social workers, attorneys, and therapists must also be scheduled in advance.


Since juveniles are not allowed to possess cash while in custody, the Detention Center maintains a "bank account" for the juvenile to purchase products and services from their canteen (otherwise known as a commissary store.)

Juveniles are able to purchase one canteen item per day if they have the money to do so. Canteen items normally cost $1.