Electronic Monitoring Program

The Program

The Portage County Sheriff's Office operates an Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) as an alternative to physical confinement within the Jail, providing a cost-effective, structured, and monitored environment. Our office utilizes Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology as a tool to assist with monitoring the movements and compliance of inmates enrolled in the Program. GPS technology combined with home visits allows Officers to monitor inmate movement while increasing the level of community safety.

The Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) consists of two sub-components, a Home Detention Program, and a Huber Work Release Program. TheElectronic Monitoring Device purpose of EMP is to monitor inmates who have been released from the physical custody of the Jail, ensuring their compliance with any restrictions placed upon them, and holding them accountable. Each program has its own requirements and costs.

Home Detention

The Home Detention Program (HDP) allows qualified inmates to serve part of their sentence at home, freeing jail space, and often allowing the inmate to work or otherwise remain a productive member of society. Restrictions are placed on the inmate, such as movement, times, and prohibited locations/activities. Oftentimes, inmates are also required to participate in random remote alcohol monitoring. In certain limited cases, qualified individuals may be placed on pre-trial monitoring while they wait for their case to go to court.

Huber Work Release

The Huber Work Release program ("Huber") allows qualified individuals to be temporarily released from Jail for the purpose of employment, education, or other specified purposes. When complete, inmates return to the Jail. These inmates can also be electronically monitored to ensure their compliance with specified Huber rules and restrictions.


One must live in Portage County to be placed in the Home Detention Program. Residency outside of Portage County may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

An Owner/Occupant Permission Form (PDF) must be on file if you do not own or Rent the residence in which you are staying while on the Home Detention Program.

All guns and alcohol need to be removed from the residence before reporting to the jail to start your sentence.

Eligibility & the Risk Assessment Evaluation

An inmate will not be considered for the Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) until he/she completes the Application for Electronic Monitoring (PDF) and completes a risk assessment with EMP staff. The risk assessment is an evaluation of an individual's offense, legal history, and other factors to determine whether he/she is suitable for electronic monitoring. This is Step Number 1 in the process and no serious discussion of placement on electronic monitoring will occur until the application and risk assessment is completed and reviewed. Please contact the Electronic Monitoring Program office at 715-346-1262 to schedule your appointment time or with any other questions.

Electronic Monitoring is Not Ordered by the Court

Portage County Courts may order that an offender be considered for the Electronic Monitoring Program, however, the courts cannot order placement on an electronic monitor. The final decision rests with the Sheriff with recommendations from the EMP staff, based upon the evaluation process. Courts from other counties have no authority to order Portage County to provide electronic monitoring.


The cost of the "Risk" Assessment evaluation is $25. Payment should be in the form of a money order made out to "Portage County Sheriff's Office".

The fee for installation of monitoring equipment is $30. The daily fee for electronic monitoring is $22 + tax and must be paid in advance.

An inmate accepted on the Electronic Monitoring Program must make an initial $300 payment at the time he/she comes in to have the monitoring equipment installed (this covers the $30 installation fee and two weeks of monitoring fees). If electronic monitoring will be for 14 days or less, the EMP staff will calculate the amount of pre-payment. If fees are not paid in advance, you may be removed from electronic monitoring.

System Requires Cellular Phone with Texting Capability

The electronic monitoring equipment has GPS technology and no longer requires a landline phone in the residence. The alcohol monitoring device requires you to have a cellular phone with texting capability. You are responsible for any cell phone charges you may incur while on the program.

Drunk Driving Convictions and the Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device (IID) must be installed on any vehicles owned by or registered to a repeat drunk driver (and for related drunk driving offenses). In order to be eligible for either electronic monitoring or work/school release (Huber), an inmate who operates a motor vehicle to get to/from work must have the IID installed on their vehicle(s).

An Inmate's court-ordered DOT Driver's Safety Plan must be completed before reporting to the jail to start their sentence. Failure to complete the DOT Driver's Safety plan and any IID requirements will result in the loss of Huber and EMP privileges.