Wellhead Protection

Wellhead Protection Ordinances

The residents of Portage County, whether served by private wells or municipal supplies, depend exclusively on groundwater for a safe drinking water supply. Certain land use practices and activities can seriously threaten or degrade groundwater quality. The purpose of this Wellhead Protection Ordinance is to institute land use regulations and restrictions to protect the municipal water supplies of the Villages of Amherst, Junction City, Plover and Whiting, and the City of Stevens Point, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Portage County.

Ordinances and maps are available below

Portage County Ordinance 

City of Stevens Point Ordinance (PDF)  

Village of Whiting Ordinance (PDF)

Village of Plover Ordinance (PDF)  

Village of Amherst Ordinance (PDF) 

The Village of Junction City does not post its code of ordinances online.