Central Wisconsin Windshed Partnership Group

The Central Wisconsin Windshield Partnership (CWWP) provides tree planting services, including windbreak and living snow fence design, fabric installation, and a three-year maintenance program. Wildlife habitat development, and public information and education are among the other services offered.

The CWWP custom designs windbreaks and living snow fences using fast-growing, disease-resistant species, and guarantees a 95% survival rate for the first three critical years.

Mission Statement

The vision of the Central Wisconsin Windshield Partnership Group (CWWP) is to use conservation and preservation methods to control wind erosion on cropland, and to protect farmsteads, residential areas, roads, and highways in Central Wisconsin through the establishment of windbreaks, shelterbelts, and living snow fences. An additional CWWP focus is providing services to develop various wildlife habitats.

The CWWP seeks solutions to wind erosion and wildlife habitat enhancement through the implementation of the three following beneficial public services to clients:

  1. Windbreak Establishment Service - A full-service windbreak planning, planting, and three-year maintenance program guaranteeing a 95% survival rate is offered to customers in Central Wisconsin. Member counties and Federal programs offer cost sharing at a rate up to 70% for installation and maintenance costs, and 100% of planning and administration costs for agricultural producers in Adams, Juneau, Portage, Waushara, and Wood Counties.
  2. Wildlife Habitat Development - To provide and/or improve habitats for a variety of wildlife species and wildlife plantings are offered.
  3. Information and Education - Provide an increased awareness and understanding of the problems caused by wind erosion and solutions, such as conservation tillage and windbreak establishment. This will help achieve the vision of the CWWP.

About Us

The Central Wisconsin Windshield Partnership Group (CWWP) is a cooperative venture consisting of:


Hancock Agricultural Research Station
N3909 County Road V
Hancock, WI 54943

  • Seasonal Employees and Student Interns
  • Call Shannon if interested in employment or internship opportunities.

Services Offered

Custom Windbreak Establishment

  • Free Technical Assistance with Design and Plant Selection
  • Site Preparation
  • Machine Tree Planting
  • Fabric Installation

Types of Plantings

  • Perimeter Field Windbreaks
  • Interior Field Windbreaks
  • Farmstead/Livestock Shelterbelts
  • Living Snow Fences
  • Wildlife Plantings
  • Windbreak Renovations

Planting Services - Trees &/or Shrubs

  • Hand or Machine Planting
  • Establishment or Reforestation
  • Your Plants or Plants Ordered Through CWWP

Three-Year Windbreak Maintenance

  • No-Cost Replacement Plantings
  • Hand Weeding, Mowing, and Pruning

Funding Sources

  • Soil and Water Resource Management (SWRM) Grants - State/County
  • Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) - Federal
  • Up to 70% Cost Sharing May Be Available to Qualifying Landowners