Adult Drug Treatment Court


Portage County Adult Drug Treatment Court provides individuals the opportunity to change life circumstances and become alcohol and drug-free. This is accomplished by comprehensive assessment and treatment (chemical and mental health), intensive supervision, random drug and breath testing, regular court appearances, and immediate sanctions and incentives. Other components of the abstinence-based program include assessment for participation in other programming (cognitive learning groups, mental health interventions), participation in community support groups, obtaining employment or pursuing education, and participation in pro-social activities. Honesty and individual accountability are at the foundation of the program.

Portage County Adult Drug Treatment Court fully integrates evidence-based practices in its delivery of services and works in collaboration with community providers for chemical health and ancillary services. Cognitive behavioral programming and enhanced mental health services are inherent pieces of the program. The program is a minimum of 14 months and is divided into five major phases. Movement through phases is based on the accomplishment of goals and requirements.

By providing coordinated substance abuse interventions with judicial oversight, the likelihood of re-arrest for any offense decreases, resulting in safer communities and a reduction in crime.

Portage County Adult Drug Treatment Court is overseen by the Adult Drug Treatment Court Oversight Committee to advise the county on administering and evaluating the Treatment Court program.

The Portage County Adult Drug Treatment Court is a cooperative effort between:

  • Portage County Circuit Courts
  • Portage County District Attorney's Office
  • Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office
  • Portage County Sheriff's Office
  • Stevens Point Police Department
  • Portage County Probation and Parole
  • Aspirus Behavioral Health
  • Centre for Well-Being, LLC.
  • Compassion Counseling, LLC
  • Portage County Health and Human Services
  • JusticePoint, Inc.
  • Options Lab, Inc.
  • Portage County Justice Programs

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Portage County resident
  • 17 years of age or older
  • Diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder and need for treatment
  • No pending violent felony charges or past convictions for a violent felony offense
  • Pending felony level drug and drug-related charges
  • Pending repeated misdemeanor level drug and drug-related charge
  • Mandatory minimum prison or jail sentence with a minimum of 18 months probation
  • Individuals facing a revocation of their probation with a minimum of 18 months probation
  • Individuals dedicated to their recovery
  • Assessed as high risk/high needs through the COMPAS Assessment.

Participants are referred through:

  • Law Enforcement
  • District Attorney's Office
  • Public Defender/Defense Attorney
  • Probation and Parole
  • Courts

Mission Statement

The Portage County Adult Drug Treatment Court is an integrated and collaborative criminal justice system venture to provide treatment, rehabilitation and accountability to individuals involved in the court system, regardless of and respectful to race or cultural identity, sex, gender identity, ability, and socio-economic class; and to improve the lives of participants, their families, and the community.