Employee Resources

Employee Assistance Program

How Your EAP Works

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Some problems are small and easy to resolve and others just seem too overwhelming to handle alone. Sometimes those problems and concerns begin to affect other aspects of our lives; for example, our jobs, our families, or our relationships.

At Employee Resource Center, we understand. We can help you deal with a wide range of problems such as stress overload; grief; job problems; alcohol, drug abuse, or other addictions; parenting or step-family issues, and other concerns. We can also help you enhance your self-esteem or explore ways of bettering yourself. No problem is too small... or too large. Here's how the program works:

Step One

Give us a call at 800-222-8590 when you have a problem you need help with, just call us and we'll set up an appointment for you. For your convenience, we offer evening hours as well as appointments during the day.

Step Two

We'll talk with you about your concerns.

In the first session, you and your counselor will discuss your specific concerns. Together you and your counselor will develop an ongoing plan to help you meet your goals.

Step Three

We'll talk some more.

Many times, short-term counseling is all you need to get back on the right track. You can receive this counseling directly through your counselor at no charge to you.

Step Four

If necessary, we'll refer you to additional sources of help.

Sometimes additional services may be recommended to best help you reach your goals or solve your problem. Your EAP counselor will help you weigh the options and refer you to the right resource for additional help.

Step Five

We'll follow up. Your counselor will continue to be available to you in the future. If an outside referral is made, your counselor will follow up with you to make sure you are receiving quality services and are making progress toward your goals.

Our Services Are Free to You.

Our services are paid for by your company. You will not be charged for the initial problem assessment and short-term counseling.

If you and your counselor decide additional help is needed, your counselor will refer you to agencies that are free, covered by insurance, or charge fees based on your ability to pay. You will be responsible for any costs not covered by insurance.

If a Crisis Occurs...

We realize that sometimes you may need to talk to someone in between appointments or outside of office hours. If a personal crisis occurs when our office is closed, call our number, 800-222-8590, and you will be assisted in reaching our EAP counselor that is on call.

Remember, We're Only a Phone Call Away.

All you need to do is call. Identify yourself as part of your Employee Assistance Program. We'll schedule an appointment for you or connect you with someone right away.

...& We're Here for You.

No one is immune from the problems that life's stresses may bring. We know there are times when people need a little help in order to once again feel good about themselves, their relationships, and their family. We are here when that time comes for you.