Health Care Center

Health Care Center

Mission Statement

To provide quality, individualized, cost-effective, residential, and rehabilitative services for elderly and adult clients with short and long-term care needs.

We promote resident choice and individualized care to improve quality of life. It has been found that active participation in the activities of daily living fosters longevity, happiness, contentment, self-worth, and dignity. Recognizing the obligation of a health care facility to help restore the resident to the best possible state of physical, mental, and emotional health, and to maintain his/her sense of spiritual and social well-being, we pledge our every effort.


Services offered by the Portage County Health Care Center.


Specialized activity programming designed to meet the needs of residents.

Donation Information

Charitable gifting opportunities to help make life a little brighter and better for our residents.

Volunteer Opportunities

How to give back by becoming a volunteer at Portage County Health Care Center.