Children's Long Term Support (CLTS)

The CLTS Waiver Program is for children with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and severe emotional disturbances. The CLTS Waiver is funded through a combination of federal, state, and local match dollars. The purpose of the waiver is to help families support their children with severe disabilities at home. Federal rules define how CLTS Waiver funding can be used.


This program is available to children who are functionally eligible as determined by the state-wide, web-based children's functional screen.

Benefits of Receiving Services

A Service Coordinator can help families access resources to support their child's needs. The following are examples of goods and services that may help families maintain care for their child at home

  • Home modifications
  • Respite care
  • Adaptive aids
  • Special transportation
  • Parent education (conferences, books, etc.)
  • In-home supports

Cost of Services

Many services may be funded through a source of Medicaid or private insurance. There may be a parental payment liability fee associated with the identified services. A service coordinator will discuss these options with you.

Referral Process

Anyone may call our agency on behalf of their children for services. Upon receipt of a referral, staff, with family input, will determine the applicant's eligibility for services. To make a referral, call 715-345-5350 option 5.

More information about CLTS Waivers can be found on the WI Department of Health Website.