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Updated November 15, 2023Emergency Medical Services Logo

The 2024 EMR grant applications have been posted below under EMS provider resources. Portage County EMR groups can begin submitting applications for this grant opportunity Wednesday, November 15th, 2023. Applications will be accepted through Sunday, December 31st, 2023. Please refer to the Announcement for more details.

Anyone with questions about these grants should contact the EMS Coordinator.

EMS ID Cards

January 2, 2019

Previously, the Emergency Management Division of the Sheriff's Office generated identification cards for all of the County's EMS and other emergency response personnel. That system was slow, labor-intensive, and not responsive to the changing rosters that each agency had.

Moving forward, Emergency Management will still print cards for EMS and other emergency response personnel, but each group will now enter and track the information for its own personnel. This will allow quicker service while making sure that changes to rosters are reflected more accurately and quickly.

The County will be exclusively using the Wisconsin Credentialing and Asset Management System (WI-CAMS) for producing these cards. WI-CAMS is a multi-purpose tool available to link and coordinate local, tribal, county, state, nonprofit, and private sector agencies with incident commanders and emergency response assets. WI-CAMS defines people assets through credentialing - a process of identifying, qualifying, and validating personnel - and further defines assets by equipment and capability through the National Incident Management (NIMS)-compliant system of categorization (category, type, and kind) response resources.

EMS and other emergency response providers can expect to receive information from Emergency Management soon, providing information on how to set up an account, enter information, and alert Emergency Management of any cards that need to be printed. The Sheriff's Office will continue to provide these cards free of charge for the foreseeable future.

Should you have any questions once your agency receives its notification, please feel free to contact the Emergency Management Division of the Sheriff's Office.


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