Victim / Witness Program

The primary purpose of the Victim/Witness Program is to provide information, referral and support to citizens and law enforcement officers of Portage County who have been victims of or witnesses to crimes and to ensure that the services specified under Chapter 950 of the Wisconsin Statutes are made available to them. The Victim/Witness Coordinators maintain contact with victims and witnesses to update them on case progress in the criminal justice system.

Some of the services provided are as follows:

  • Information about how the criminal justice system works.
  • Specific information and updates on the case concerning the crime victim, including case progress and disposition.
  • Escort service to court appearances.
  • Notification of suspect escape and release from custody from the county jail
  • Assistance to apply for Crime Victim Compensation Program.
  • Assistance to apply for restitution from the defendant.
  • Assistance to prepare for testifying.
  • Assistant to prepare a Victim Impact Statement prior to sentencing.
  • Information and referral to sources of counseling and support groups.
  • Notice of court hearing cancellations and rescheduling.
  • Provide safe and secure areas while attending court proceedings.


If the defendant(s) in your case remains in custody you can request to be notified of release or custody changes by registering on VINELink or by calling 888-944-8463.

Links To Help Portage County Victims and Witnesses:

CAP Services-Family Crisis Center

1616 West River Drive
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: 715-343-7125

Provides assistance to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and to youth in crisis and their families, through a host of free and confidential programs.Portage County-Crisis Intervention Service.

Portage County Health & Human Services

817 Whiting Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: 866-317-9362

Provides payment assistance for Portage County residents to obtain counseling, psychotherapy, or psychological evaluations from private agencies that participate in the program.

CAP Services, Inc-Mental Health Navigation Program

1608 West River Drive
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Phone: 715-343-7104

Assist participants in establishing a connection with resources for both mental health services as well as other community resources that support mental health and well-being.