Jury Service

For Jury Duty Questions please call 715-346-1364, ext. 3

I'm on "Jury Duty" - Do I Need to Show up?

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How did I get selected for Jury Service?

Each year, juror names are selected at random from the listing provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles in accordance with your driver's license, and/or identification card.

Juror Qualification Questionnaire

Potential jurors will then receive a questionnaire that must be completed and returned to the Portage County Clerk of Court within 10 days of receiving it. Those that qualify for jury duty are then placed in an annual jury pool for the year.

The five qualification requirements are:

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must be a resident of Portage County.
  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must be able to understand the English language.
  • Must not be a convicted felon if conditions of your sentence are not yet completed.

Summons for Jury Duty Month

Each month, a random listing of jurors is selected to be available for an assigned month. If selected, you will receive a "Jury Summons" stating the month you are assigned for jury service. You will receive this summons typically 1 month prior to your assigned month.

Excusals and Postponements

Upon receiving a "Jury Summons for the month of XXX" you need to contact the jury clerk at 715-346-1364, ext. 3 if you:

  • Need to update your contact information
  • Are no longer a Portage County resident
  • Have a paid vacation planned in the month you are assigned
  • Special Requests Medical Condition and Appointments: If you request to be excused for a health condition, you will need to submit a doctor's excuse by mail to Portage County Clerk of Court Jury Clerk, 1516 Church Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481 or fax 715-346-1236. The doctor's excuse should note if it is a temporary or permanent condition that would prevent you from being a juror.

Updates and excuses need to be received by the jury clerk PRIOR to the month you are to serve. It is your responsibility to verify with the jury clerk if the excuse has been received.

Jury Duty - Notice of Trial

When jurors are selected for an assigned jury trial, they will receive a Jury Duty - Notice of Trial document by mail, 1 to 2 weeks prior to the jury trial. Each trial will have its own Notice that will state the date and time the jurors are to report.

The notice will also inform you of a "Jury Status Line" 715-346-1455 to call the night before the trial (after 5 pm) to advise you whether the jury trial is on or off.

If the recorded message states your assigned trial is on, your appearance is required on that date and specific time.

Parking Permit

You will be provided a parking permit that is included with your Notice to Report for Trial. You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled report time. You will need to place the parking permit on the front dashboard of your vehicle when you report for jury duty and each day if selected to serve on a trial.

Parking is available in the parking lots located:

  1. Across from the courthouse (Eastside) - Church Street
  2. Annex Building Parking Lot (Northside and West) - Strongs Street
  3. The Lot Northeast corner of Water and Arlington Streets

The parking permit is not valid on the streets where restricted, in the Sheriff's Department Parking lot or the Sentry Parking Lot-(north of the courthouse).

Do I Get Paid for Jury Duty?

Jurors are paid $17.50 per half-day, and $35 per full-day, for jury service attendance. Mileage from your home to the courthouse is also reimbursed. Jurors serving a full day of jury service may receive a $4 meal allowance stipend. Jury duty payment will be received approximately the second week, after the month of service. (For example, if a juror serves in the month of January, payment is received approximately February 15th.).

Length & Frequency of Service

Portage County Jurors are randomly selected from the Annual Jury Pool of approximately 2500 individuals. Each month approximately 150 - 200 jurors are randomly selected to serve on a jury panel for that particular month. Jurors are summoned for jury service for a period of one month out of every four years. Being available for the assigned month, reporting for a trial(s), or serving on a jury fulfills this requirement.

Dress & Appearance

Casual attire (shorts, cutoffs, tube tops) is not considered appropriate attire for jury service. Dress comfortably. The Courtrooms have a tendency to be rather cool. You may wish to bring a sweater or light jacket for the purpose.

Failure to Appear

Jurors who fail to report for jury duty and who have not been excused by the Court may result in a charge of Contempt of Court and a subsequent fine and/or imprisonment could be imposed.

Employment Issues and Proof of Jury Service

The law provides that an employer must grant an employee a leave of absence, without loss of time in service for the period of jury duty. No employer may use absence due to jury duty as a basis for discharging an employee or for any disciplinary action against the employee.

Jurors are provided a 1 to 2-week notice to report for a possible jury trial. Jurors should inform their employer of the possibility of being selected and of the certain need to be absent from work for the morning of jury selection.

Available upon a juror's request, the Clerk of Court can provide documentation for employers verifying the juror reported and if selected for a trial.

Information for Employer link

ADA Accommodation

For prospective jurors who require an ADA accommodation to fulfill jury duty, please call the jury clerk at 715-346-1364, ext. 3, or the "711" WI Relay.

If you have additional questions about your jury service or would like to make a comment about your jury service please call us at 715-346-1364 Number 3, or Email Portage Clerk of Courts.