County Clerk

The County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer elected every four years by the voters of Portage County. As the chief election official for the County, the Clerk administers all federal, state, county, local, and school elections and performs all other administrative duties per Wisconsin State Statutes and County Ordinance.

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Election Information and Results

View election information and results for upcoming and past elections.

Commercial Animal Establishment License Application (PDF)

Access the application for a commercial animal establishment license.

County Directory (PDF)

View directory information for the County and all Municipalities within the county.

County Map (PDF)

View a County map.

Marriage License Requirements (PDF)

View information on how to apply for a marriage license.

Marriage License Appointment - Book Now

Open the online scheduler for marriage license appointments.

Termination of Domestic Partnership (PDF)

View information on terminating a domestic partnership.

Timber Cutting Notice (PDF)

Access the timber cutting notice form.

Tax Deed Land Sale

View information upcoming and current tax deed land sales.

About Us

Learn about the Office of the County Clerk.