County Board

Mark Hemmrich

District 3
Email Mark Hemmrich
Phone: 715-498-5296
District 3 Map (PDF)

Shaun V. Przybylski

District 6
Email Shaun V. Przybylski
Phone: 715-321-1052
District 6 Map (PDF)

Andrew Rockman

District 9
Email Andrew Rockman
Phone: 715-496-0716
District 9 Map (PDF)

Mike Splinter

District 12
Email Mike Splinter
Phone: 715-341-9472
District 12 Map (PDF)

Al Haga

County Board Chair, District 15
Email Al Haga
Phone: 715-346-1354
District 15 Map (PDF)

Larry Raikowski

First Vice-Chair, District 18
Email Larry Raikowski
Phone: 715-457-3491
District 18 Map (PDF)

Jeanne Dodge

District 21
Email Jeanne Dodge
Phone: 715-592-4153
District 21 Map (PDF)

Steve Cieslewicz

District 24
Email Steve Cieslewicz
Phone: 715-572-3714
District 24 Map (PDF)

Additional information on districts and County Board Supervisor contact information can be found in the Official Directory.