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Services & Functions

The purpose of the Portage County Register of Deeds/Land Description office is to provide official record keeping for all real estate, personal property, and vital statistics and to provide a convenient and public place where valuable documents can be filed and/or recorded. This department is also responsible for maintaining accurate legal descriptions, ownership and address, maps, and assessments as governed by State Statutes and based on documents recorded in the grantor/grantee records. To provide assessors with a hard/computer format of their prospective townships and to assist the municipalities with questions/concerns they may have. A cooperative working relationship with the various professionals and the general public is viewed as an integral aspect of its mission as is the continued awareness of statutory changes, automation, evaluation, and staff development to assure the quality and timeliness of its functions.

Our records consist of approximately 40,000 parcels. Portage County covers 810 square miles and 522,137 acres, 17 townships, 9 villages, and 1 city. The estimated population is 67,692.